Interesting things they’d put on the DVD set:

All the members of IPP were film/video tape editors at 60 MINUTES. We shot the boardroom meeting in the screening room. The hallways — those are the 60 MINUTES offices, endless, monotonous, dizzying (no offense to the architect). The PR guy who comes come to find his children have eaten MR PIZZA is George Crile. George was a great friend and a producer at 60 MINUTES who did a number of very famous, high-profile stories as well as writing CHARLIE WILSON’S WAR which Mike Nichols made into a movie. George died of pancreatic cancer in 2006. He was a beacon in that industry. There aren’t many.

“Henderson” the IPP guy who explains the problem with MR PIZZA is Joe Murania – probably my best friend at CBS, another editor. One day when I was complaining about work and why everybody there was so … hmm … difficult -  he just turned to me and said “David, it’s because we work with ASSHOLES.”

There would never have been a film if it hadn’t been for Virginia Dzurinko – “virg,” that’s her at the Nagra.  We’ve been friends since college. Believe it or not she’s actually from WEST Trenton, actually called Ewing Township, and all the “Figueroa” scenes were shot at her parents’ and her uncle Mickey and aunt Rose’s houses — they’re separated by a driveway. That’s Virg’s father, George, as the sheriff (I rented the costume); Uncle Mickey is the doctor – he provided his own suit; Virg’s mother played “Mrs. Foster,” brilliantly I must add because she was among the MOST animated women I’ve ever known and threw herself into her role with as much energy as she did her lasagna (cooking it I mean.) Virg, herself, makes a cameo as Joey’s wife on his TV show, otherwise she did sound and — I don’t know — everybody did everything and yet we never broke anything.

Frank Ferri is a graphic artist – an old friend of Virg’s and he plays Joey Figueroa. I put him through hell — absolute HELL — doing re-takes when, in fact, he always got it right the first time. That’s how bad a director I am.

Darlene Figueroa is Peggy Reed. There’s a lot I could tell you – we knew each other very well. Suffice it to say that even after we broke up we remained good friends.

Michael or Frank or whatever – is Michael Cook who I knew from college. It was 1967 and Michael was the first FRESHMAN I ever knew who’d already done virtually every psychedelic drug before going off to college. He continued. You’d think by now Michael would be living in a homeless  shelter but in fact he decided to go for a PhD in math. Not only did he achieve it, he was such a brilliant teacher that in one afternoon he was able to make ME understand higher math. Later Dr. Cook left teaching and went to work for a hedge fund.

Yes, I built Mr.Hamburger – chicken wire, polyurethane foam and yellow fabric.

Most of the creatures were all played by my cousin Jim Dwyer who seemed to enjoy having things glued to his face.


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