This movie cost me most of my sanity – whatever I had to begin with.I racked up about $22,000 on credit cards, spent about 12 years trying figure out what the story was — all the while ignoring the fact that I was working for the most popular show on television 60 MINUTES> Yes, boys & girls, the thrill of making a monster masterpiece was more important to me than Emmy awards and Mike Wallace. Except I needed the money — and it’s enabled me to survive for most of forty years while Nasal Creatures, unfortunately, has lain dormant and boxed in the back of various closets.

The lesson here is — you CAN and SHOULD do it all yourself — I not only shot, wrote, directed, edited, did the special FX, most of the voices I even composed and played the music. Wowie. The one thing I neglected to do was WRITE A CLEAR SCRIPT BEFOREHAND. Don’t think you can make it up as you go along.