This story took me all of one back-breaking day of trotting around, hunched over, my camera at tail-level to shoot. I’ve discovered something as a result…of all the stories I’ve ever done this is one people care most about about. It’s like W.C. Fields famous line (I think it was Fields) “never play opposite kids or animals – they steal the show.”
Hey one thing – the sub-titles didn’t make this version so:
the owner Stephen says that Orson never goes very far and when he does (maybe crossing Blvd St. Germain) it’s usually to follow a dog in heat but even then people will help guide him back home.
And the other fellow, who works at the cafe, says that Orson’s so popular he comes in the morning to check the email sent to him over the night.
For those of you who are REALLY fanatics – and apparently some are because they’ve already searched him out – Orson lives at the CAFE CONTI at the intersection of the Rue Buci and the rue Mazarine in the 6th. He’s generally there, generally – though it depends on Stephen’s mood.