A Tale of Two Winemakers

I didn’t know what the story was when I started. I had met one winemaker, Stephane Ogier (http://www.domaine-ogier.fr/), in Paris. The other, Raymond DeVilleneuve I’d heard about – rather I’d heard the legends. Anyway I asked both if I could come down and shoot the harvest.

Okay so there it was: a lot of footage of grape picking and workers and lunches and dinners and no particular story.

It had to have been a little more than a year later I asked my friend Juan Sanchez who owns La Derniere Goutte www.ladernieregoutte.net/, if he knew someone who could talk about these two wines. I still didn’t know what the story would be but he gave me a name and … well I had no idea that I was about to discover that a dedicated vigneron crafts a wine with his soul.