ORSON — the celebrity mutt

You’d think it would be the poodle, but the most popular dog in Paris, and much of France, is the Jack Russel terrier. WOW! Can you say 1200Euros cause that’s what one will run you. Dogs, like shoes, go in an out of fashion and when I was asked to do a story about dogs […]



All the stories you see here – everything was shot, edited, written, produced and starred in by me. It’s not that I’m THAT vain it’s just the only way i can work and anyway crews and all that equipment are a drag. So what I know is how to work with a small  camera and […]

THE BAKER: Lionel Poilane

Here’s an example of my work: a story that aired on CBS Sunday Morning. If you click on the stories listed  under “PORTFOLIO” (from the menu above) you can not only see the piece but learn about the how it was made: techniques, the structure … what’s involved in making a story like this. OR […]

The Booksellers of Paris