You think this movie’s as good as this image?

Probably not. Movies exist in time, not space – you have to sit through one. It’s the difference between Tolstoy and a STOP sign. One unfolds (magnificently) the other is an image designed to communicate instantly. Now I could spend, maybe not hours, but a long time looking at this poster –  go away, come back, spend one minute, five, an hour or hang it over my bed and see it all the time. A movie, as we know them today, doesn’t allow that. It runs at 24 frames per second and if it’s 128160 frames then the movie’s going to run for89 minutes….no matter how many times you watch it.

Maybe that’s why we’re getting tired of movies as we’ve known them. If somebody’s going to involve themselves with something for 89 minutes today they want  something more than “All happy families are happy in the same way”.

Too bad — people should be required to read ANNA KARENINA at least twice in their lifetimes.

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